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With a minimum donation (varies for each type of print), you will receive a vibrant Thangka print. Choose from either framed (US/Canada only) or unframed.


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A generous donor has given the Tibetan Nuns Project a special collection of Tibetan thangka prints so they may be sold to raise funds to help the nuns. These high-quality reproductions are printed on 100-year archival quality paper. All of the original paintings from which the prints were made have been consecrated by the artist.

Thangkas are sacred Tibetan Buddhist paintings depicting a deity, mandala or Buddhist scene. The artist of these prints is Venerable Yeshi Dorgee, a Tibetan monk who trained as a thangka painter in His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s school. He was selected by His Holiness to show his work in 2002 at the Smithsonian Museum as part of a larger exhibition.

The meanings of the mudras in some of these works are explained in this blog post on sacred hand gestures.

Framed 22×28 (Minimum Donation $150)
Green Tara
Chakra Sambhawa
Framed 18.25×22.5 (Minimum Donation $150)
Green Tara
Unframed – various sizes (Minimum donation $75)
White Tara I – 13.5 x 20
White Tara II – 13.5 x 20
Green Tara – 13.5 x 20
Green Tara – 10 x 14.5
Compassion Buddha – 13.5 x 20
Chakra Sambhawa – 13.5 x 20
Love – 15 x 19


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Weight 8 oz
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Framed 22×28, Framed 18.25×22.5, Unframed 13.5×20, Unframed 15×19, Unframed 10×14.5


White Tara I, White Tara II, Green Tara, Compassion Buddha, Chakra Sambhawa, Love


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