Current Needs

We are extremely grateful to our supporters around the world for your help with our wish list of current needs and projects.

Current projects for which we need funding for are:

  1. DEBATE ENDOWMENT FUND: You can ensure a bright future for the annual inter-nunnery debate by making a gift to our special endowment fund to ensure that the Jang Gonchoe debate event will continue and grow for years to come.
  2. INDIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Surge protectors, anti-virus software, a printer, and a back-up drive are needed to keep the office at Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute running safely.
  3. 2019 JANG GONCHOE: This year marks the 25th annual inter-nunnery debate called the Jang Gonchoe, a vital educational opportunity for hundreds of nuns from India and Nepal. Please help nuns attend by donating towards food and travel costs.
  4. 2019 GESHEMA EXAMS: Help the nuns take their 2019 Geshema exams by donating for their travels costs to the exam site and for their food during the final study period and exam time.
  5. MAINTAIN THE NUNNERIES: Keep the nunnery buildings sound and strong by helping us provide regular upkeep and repair, such as painting and roof work.
  6. YANGCHEN LOPHEL STUDY CENTER: This is a visionary and exciting project. Help us construct a multi-purpose learning center in India to enable both nuns and lay women to study Tibetan Buddhism.
  7. 131 MORE SPONSORS NEEDED: Sponsor a nun for just $1 a day and provide her with food, shelter, education, health care, and opportunity.

Or you can donate to the Area of Greatest Need.

To help us with these projects you can:

  1. Make a gift online – see below.
  2. Call our office in Seattle, US at 1-206-652-8901 (Monday-Friday, 8-4)
  3. Mail a check to:
    The Tibetan Nuns Project
    815 Seattle Boulevard South #216
    Seattle, WA 98134 USA
    (Please include a note about how you wish your gift to be used.)
  4. Donate securities

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