Geshema Exams 2019

Good news! This project has been fully funded. We’ll report back here as soon as possible after the exams in August. The results are usually posted later in the fall. Thank you for helping the nuns on their path.

This year Tibetan Buddhist nuns will sit various levels of their rigorous four-year Geshema exams. We are raising money in this fund to help make it possible for the nuns to take their exams, by covering their costs of travel to and from Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute and for their food during their 6-week study and exam period.

From August 1-15, 2019, 53 Tibetan Buddhist nuns will sit various levels of their Geshema exams at  Jangchup Choeling Nunnery in Mundgod. The nuns taking their exams this year come from four different nunneries: Dolma Ling, Geden Choeling, Jangchup Choeling, and Kopan Nunnery.

In August 2019, there are:

  • 24 nuns taking their first-year exams
  • 10 nuns doing their 2nd year
  • 11 nuns doing their 3rd year
  • 8 Geshema candidates doing their fourth and final year of exams.

All being well, there will be 8 new Geshema graduates this fall. The graduation ceremony will be held at the end of the 2019 Jang Gonchoe Inter-nunnery debate in November.

About the Geshema Degree

The Geshema degree (or Geshe degree for monks) is roughly equivalent to a PhD in Tibetan Buddhism. This highest degree was, until recently, only open to men. Now Tibetan Buddhist nuns are making history. In the last two years, 26 Tibetan Buddhist nuns have earned this degree.
The Geshemas are paving the way for other nuns to follow in their footsteps. This degree will make them eligible to assume various leadership roles in their monastic and lay communities reserved for degree holders and hence previously not open to women.

To help you can:

  1. Make a gift online at
  2. Call our office in Seattle, US at 1-206-652-8901
  3. Mail a check to: The Tibetan Nuns Project (for 2019 Geshema Exams)
    815 Seattle Boulevard South #216, Seattle, WA 98134 USA
  4. Give a gift of securities
  5. Leave a gift in your will to the Tibetan Nuns Project

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You can download a description of the 2019 Geshema Exams Project here.

Here’s a video we made in July 2018 to support the 2018 Geshema Exams.