Through the sponsorship program, the Tibetan Nuns Project supports over 700 nuns living in northern India. For less than $1 per day, you can help provide a nun with food, shelter, education, clothing, and medical care.

Sponsors are requested to make a 1-year pledge. We have 4 easy payment plans: monthly ($30), quarterly ($90), semi-annually ($180), and annually ($360). You also have the option to contribute more than the minimum $30 per month.

To start a sponsorship today, please select either the automatic or self-managed option below. With automatic, you can use your debit/credit card or bank account to set up regular recurring gifts that will be deducted automatically. The self-managed option is for those sponsors who wish to visit this page each time they need to make their sponsorship payment (with a debit/credit card).

Due to inflation in India, we’ve adapted our options so that you may increase your sponsorship payments, make one-time sponsorship gifts, and send a gift directly to your nun. Due to inflation over the years, the true cost to sponsor a nun is about $1,000, but since 1998 we have maintained our sponsorship program at $360 a year. We appreciate any sponsors who are able to give more than the set amount.

For our Canadian sponsors who wish to receive a tax receipt, click here for more information.