Create a fundraiser

There are several ways that you can create a fundraiser to help the nuns.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser Do you have a birthday coming up or are you celebrating a milestone? Whatever the occasion, creating a personal Facebook fundraiser is an easy and fun way to raise funds to help the nuns. Learn more with our 6 Easy Steps to create a Facebook fundraiser.

Create a giving page
In just a couple of minutes, you can create your own customized fundraising campaign to support the nuns. You can create your own online giving page for special occasions such as a birthday, for holidays, for sporting events like marathons, or in memory of someone dear to you. You can create your giving page now at Mighty Cause (formerly Razoo).

Get creative
If you’re an artist or a photographer perhaps you’d consider auctioning or selling your work to benefit the nuns.

Host a party for TNP
Organize a potluck or host a party to bring people together in support of the nuns. Download our House Party Kit TNP that has all the information you need.