Nun Correspondence


Where do I send letters to my nun?

*Include your Sponsored Nuns name and Nun # *

Letters sent by email should be sent to:

Postal letters should be sent to:

Tsering Diki, Tibetan Nuns Project, Dolma Ling, PO Sidhpur – 176057, Dist. Kangra (HP) INDIA

How often does my sponsored nun write letters?

TNP organizes two letters per year, one in the summer and one in the winter.

Many nuns are eager to write more often and exchange letters with their sponsors. The nuns English ability varies greatly and many of them do not yet know enough English to write letters on their own and may need a translator. Mail to India is very slow and until the nuns can completely write their own letters, this process can be time consuming. It may take some time before you receive an answer. When nuns do write, keep in mind that they are just learning the format of letter correspondence, what questions to ask and what to write and share.

Some nunneries in the Himilayas only have open roads for four months. From around October and until April-May the roads remain closed due to heavy snow. The head nuns visit the TNP office twice yearly, once in May when the roads open up and once in October before the roads close to collect sponsorship payments. Sponsor’s mail to the nuns and nun’s letters to sponsors are exchanged at these two visits.

Can I send correspondence and gifts to my nun?

We do have a wish list on under Tibetan Nuns Project / Nuns Needs where you can purchase items that most nuns will need and use. At check out, you can choose to have items sent to you or directly to India. Please do not ship packages to our Seattle office. Here’s the link:

Can I send nuns care packages?

Yes! The nuns are always happy to receive mail and would very much appreciate and welcome your generosity. If you want to send a Sponsored nun a gift, we recommend small gifts. Packing instructions are below.

Below is a link to our Amazon WishList.  This is a list of items the nuns have told us are very helpful for them.

If you would like to send a package to your nun:

  1. Mail packages directly to our office in India (address below).
  2. Ensure your package is addressed with the Name and Number of the nun you support.
  3. Before shipping, make sure your items are packaged securely and it is hard to open (wrapping completely with packing tape). Once your package has cleared customs, packages can be compromised before delivery.

Tibetan Nuns Project

c/o Dolma Ling

P.O. Sidhpur 176057 Dist. Kangra, H.P.