Empower the media nuns with a new camera

At present, the Media Team at Dolma Ling Nunnery has only one good camera, which has very limited capacity and is over four years old. In particular, the present camera is very poor at taking indoor shots or pictures in low-light conditions. These conditions require long exposure times and can result in considerable camera shake.

With the existing single camera, the nuns also have light and exposure problems when they take video. Since many events take place in relatively low light conditions, such as debate exams, rituals, and other indoor events , this limits the effectiveness of the nuns’ efforts to produce good documentation.

Particularly in light of the important 30th anniversary event which will take place in October this year, the nuns are seeking funding to purchase a high-quality camera to document the anniversary event as well as other significant events and daily life around the nunneries.

A second camera will also allow more nuns to take up photography since it has not been possible to hand the only professional camera to unskilled trainees. This will be a great benefit to the nunnery.

The nuns have sought advice from a professional photographer and have selected the equipment they need to take excellent pictures and videos.

Please help to purchase the following equipment to empower and enable the nuns:

  • A Nikon D500 DSLR camera that can be used for both photography and high-quality videos;
  • Two lenses — one all-round, general-purpose, daily-work lens and a fixed lens good for low-light situations; and
  • Three 64 GB memory cards which are very useful for storing large data and which allow to the nuns to do long shoots without having to download immediately to a computer.

Total cost: $3,900

To help you can:

  1. Make a gift online – see below.
  2. Call our office in Seattle, US at 1-206-652-8901 (Monday-Friday, 8-4)
  3. Mail a check to:
    The Tibetan Nuns Project
    (for camera equipment)
    815 Seattle Boulevard South #216
    Seattle, WA 98134 USA

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About the Nuns’ Media Team

Media education was introduced to the Dolma Ling Nunnery study program in 2006. Following the success of the pilot project, effort was made to provide a proper media facility with all necessary equipment and space to allow the nuns to manage their own documentation and publicity projects.

This fully functional “Media Room” is managed by two trained nuns who have progressed through their academic education to a point where they felt they would prefer to take a more practical role in the nunnery.

Six nuns have now taken a keen interest and put in real effort into to learning how to manage computers, make their own magazine and videos, taking high-quality photographs. They take pictures and make videos of all the events within the nunnery, as well as outside the nunnery, creating excellent documentary records.

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