Septic Repair Dolma Ling

The septic system at Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute is leaking and needs to be repaired urgently.

The system and nunnery was built 20 years ago to accommodate up to 200 nuns and 20 staff members. There are no main sewer lines or sewage treatment in the area. When the nunnery was built, a careful design of septic tanks was installed throughout the campus to manage all the toilet and bathroom grey water.

Now two of the tank installations are leaking and require urgent attention. Without urgent repair there will be many problems for the nuns and their neighbors. A hygienic environment must be maintained around the nunnery. Without a functioning septic system, there is the very real danger of outbreaks of disease such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis.

Careful investigation of the problem has revealed that, while the tanks themselves are sound, the walls which retain the overflow soakage area from the tanks are seeping. The problem revealed itself during the November Jang Gonchoe inter-nunnery debate at Dolma Ling, when the number of people using the facility doubled. This followed a very heavy monsoon last June that caused the mortar in the retaining walls to break down.

We need your help to replace the stone retaining walls with new reinforced water-resistant concrete walls starting from a depth at least one meter below the existing bottom of the wall to prevent seepage. These walls are likely to have a lifespan of over 50 years.

We urgently need your help to repair the septic system at Dolma Ling Nunnery before July 1.

Total cost: US $6,200

To help you can:

  1. Make a gift online – see below.
  2. Call our office in Seattle, US at 1-206-652-8901
  3. Mail a check to:
    The Tibetan Nuns Project
    (for Septic Repair Dolma Ling)
    815 Seattle Boulevard South #216
    Seattle, WA 98134 USA
  4. Donate securities.

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You may download a PDF description of the Dolma Ling Septic Repair Project here.