School Bus

School Bus for Dorjee Zong Nunnery

The young nuns at the remote and ancient nunnery of Dorjee Zong have a school bus thanks to Tibetan Nuns Project donors. The bus has arrived in Zanskar and is ready for use. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the schools in India were closed for part of 2020 but have re-opened again and the nuns are going back and forth for classes each day.

The nuns needed a school bus to make the 12-mile round-trip journey to the government school to continue their education beyond Grade 5.

Dorjee Zong Nunnery is in the remote and rugged region of Zanskar in northern India. Founded in the 14th century, it has a long tradition and has a history of nuns reaching high levels of realization.

Dorjee Zong school bus

Thank you to everyone who helped purchase the school bus for the Dorjee Zong nuns so that the young nuns can continue their education beyond Grade 5.

At the government school, the girls can study up to Class 10, but only if they are able to make the long journey to and from school each day. So far there are 9 girls ages 13-15 who have completed Class 5 and who will benefit from the school bus to continue their education.

Girls from the Himalayan regions of India traditionally have had little access to education. Nunneries like Dorjee Zong provide them with opportunity. This school bus and education is the key to empowerment. Thank you for your compassion and generosity!

Dorjee Zong Nunnery in Zanskar photo by Olivier Adam

Photo of Dorjee Zong Nunnery courtesy of Olivier Adam.

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Young nuns at Dorjee Zong Nunnery, Zanskar nunnery,

Young nuns at Dorjee Zong Nunnery. Photo by Venerable Delek Yangdron