Fans to Beat the Heat

Thanks to our generous donors like you, the 261 nuns at Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute are now cooler and more comfortable as they study, sleep, cook, and recover.

Seventy-four fans have been installed in the dormitories, kitchen, and clinic.

In the summer of 2021, the Tibetan Nuns Project appealed for support for this project. You responded magnificently and within three weeks the project was fully funded.

Too Hot for the Nuns

When construction at Dolma Ling Nunnery started in 1993, the state of the world’s weather was very different than it is now. At that time, the summer temperatures rarely exceeded 91ºF (33ºC) and there was always a cool breeze off the mountains. There were glaciers on the mountains year-round and, even in the height of summer, it was easy to find a cool spot in the garden to study. By mid-August, the first snow on the mountains would arrive and the nuns would be getting out their warmer bedding.

Now the summer temperatures at the nunnery regularly reach 97ºF or 36ºC. This spring, temperatures in parts of India and Pakistan reached record levels endangering people’s lives.

fans to beat the heat at Dolma Ling, heat, Dolma Ling

With fans to beat the heat, the nuns can now study in their rooms and also sleep in more comfort. 74 fans have been installed at the nunnery in time for the spring 2022 rise in temperatures.

Without fans, it the nuns can’t be in the top-floor dorm rooms during the day. Even at night, when there is a little breeze, it became very hard for the nuns to sleep. During the pandemic, the discomfort of the nuns increased as lockdowns forced them to spend more time in their rooms.

Thanks to you, the nuns bought and installed 74 good-quality fans that are quiet, efficient, and durable. Here are their locations:

  • 64 wall-mounted swing fans have been put in each of the top-floor dorm rooms because they are much hotter than the ground-floor rooms.
  • 4 ceiling fans have been installed in the kitchen where it had become very uncomfortable to work.
  • 4 ceiling fans are now in the nunnery clinic for the wards, patient’s rooms, and reception area.
  • 2 wall fans are in the two small clinic rooms where sick nuns stay. During COVID, these rooms were also used by nuns who needed to isolate after potentially coming into contact with COVID.

Thank you for helping the nuns to stay cool and comfortable!

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