Emergency at Shugsep

Thanks to generous donors, this project and the other critical repairs at Shugsep Nunnery and Institute have been fully funded! See our video report below.

On July 17, 2019, disaster struck Shugsep Nunnery and Institute in northern India.

After weeks of heavy monsoon rains, a huge tree was unearthed and came crashing down onto the newly painted roof near the temple.

Meanwhile, vast amounts of water were rushing through the campus and threatening to flood the library and the ground floor hall. Without urgent action to channel the rainfall away, the buildings would be severely damaged.

The Tibetan Nuns Project immediately reached out to you, our supporters, with news of the emergency at Shugsep. And you responded magnificently! Thank you!

Here’s a video report about the emergency and showing the impact of your gifts.

Fortunately, no one was injured when the tree came crashing down, but a large section of the roof was crushed and some of the supporting pillars were damaged.

Thanks to your generosity and compassion, we were able to reassure the nuns that help was coming and that their beloved nunnery would be repaired.

Shugsep Nunnery and Institute is an important Nyingma nunnery and is home to about 90 Tibetan Buddhist nuns.

The nunnery was re-established in India after the original Shugsep nunnery in Tibet was destroyed and many of the nuns who lived there escaped into exile.

When the emergency struck, the nuns worked hard to remove the fallen tree and to help with the urgent repairs. They removed all the logs and branches that they could.

Workers built a large storm drain to release the water that collects behind the nunnery during the heavy monsoon downpours that are now happening more and more often.

collage of photos showing emergency at Shugsep NunneryThis much larger drainage system now leads water away from the nunnery buildings, thereby preventing damage to the foundations and walls and avoiding dampness inside the rooms. The library and its precious books will be kept dry and safe.

Thank you for your amazing support of the nuns during this time of crisis. The head of the nunnery continually says thank you and the nuns are beaming!

Vital maintenance projects completed at Shugsep this year included:

  • Emergency storm drainage
  • Urgent roof repairs and tree removal
  • Mold removal and prevention
  • Solar panel roof repair
  • Water tank repair
  • Painting of the nuns’ dormitories
  • A security system for the nunnery and grounds to avoid break-ins

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