Bike for India Office

Good news! The bike is now fully funded. Our deepest thanks to Patricia, Julie, Ron and Chris who helped us reach our goal! If you are interested in other major projects, we are still seeking funding for:

Project description

Getting from A to B in northern India is challenging. We would very much appreciate your support in helping us purchase a simple, low-cost Indian-made motorcycle that would enable us to get around to accomplish our many official tasks.

Our busy Tibetan Nuns Project office is located at the Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute in the foothills of the Himalayas about 10 miles or 15 km on hilly roads from the main town of Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, northern India. Dharamsala is the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the seat of the Tibetan Government.

After detailed discussion and research on solutions to our transportation problems, we would like to be able to purchase a 180cc Pulsar motorbike, manufactured in India by the Bajaj Company.

We have chosen this motorcycle over another vehicle because it is:

  • fuel efficient so we will save money;
  • compact so it is easy to park;
  • inexpensive to maintain and service;
  • five times less costly than a car;
  • convenient for a single person who needs to go out for official work; and
  • powerful enough to handle the hills of Dharamsala.

The estimated cost of the motorcycle is US $1,500 (95,000 Indian rupees).

From our headquarters at the nunnery we look after over 700 nuns at seven nunneries in northern India and ensure that they have education, health care, food, clothing and shelter. Our staff members often need to travel in and around our local region for official work. Although we do have one office vehicle it is not sufficient for our needs and hiring local taxis is expensive and not practical.

To help us purchase this motorcycle and solve our transportation woes you can:

      1. Make a gift online – see below.
      2. Call our office in Seattle, US at 1-206-652-8901 (Monday-Friday, 8-4)
      3. Mail a check to:
        The Tibetan Nuns Project
        (for motorcycle)
        815 Seattle Boulevard South #216
        Seattle, WA 98134 USA

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