Additional Nuns and Nunneries

Khari Ganden Tenphel Ling Nunnery (Dramo Nunnery)

The Khari Ganden Tenphel Ling Nunnery is a two-days trek from the airstrip in Lukla in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal. There are 35 nuns under the care of Khari Tenzin Gelek Rinpoche, whose previous incarnation established the nunnery after fleeing Tibet. The nuns range from ages 12 to 90 years. Khari Rinpoche visits the nunnery for a few months each year to teach the nuns. The Tibetan Nuns Project is currently funding a resident teacher to work more intensely with the nuns on Tibetan language.

Nuns Not Living in Nunneries

Some nuns prefer to live on their own and are not attached to a specific nunnery. They are often older nuns who are interested in meditative retreat rather than in learning higher Buddhist philosophy.