Built near the cave of the great Indian yogi Tilopa, Tilokpur Nunnery (Karma Drubgyu Thargay Ling) overlooks a small town 40 kilometers from Dharamsala.

It is the oldest Kagyu nunnery outside of Tibet, supporting about 96 nuns from Tibet and the Himalayan border regions of India and the Mustang region of Nepal. Tilokpur was founded in 1966 by Mrs. Freda Bedi, a British nun who was ordained by the previous Karmapa.

Tilokpur Nun with Door Curtain, Tilokpur Nunnery

Tilokpur Nun with Door Curtain

Tilokpur is a small nunnery and in the past, the nuns had been hampered in their abilities to develop and sustain themselves by the general lack of education.

The Tibetan Nuns Project has helped them start regular classes in Tibetan, Buddhist philosophy, and English. We helped them purchase new books, including Buddhist philosophy and math textbooks. The nuns have also formed a management committee that is administering the internal activities of the nunnery.

Our sponsorship program also helps support the nuns and nunnery, providing food, clothing, education, shelter, and health care.