2023 Message

Your support has a huge impact on the lives of the nuns and we are deeply grateful.

We know that you have many choices of charities to support and we are so thankful that you care about educating and empowering the nuns and preserving Tibet’s rich wisdom tradition under threat inside Tibet.

Your support ripples out and has a positive effect on humanity. Although in many places the rights of women and girls are diminishing, you are helping to usher in a new era for Tibetan women.

Tibetan Buddhist nuns

Many people say that helping the nuns brings them happiness and is a comfort when times are tough. Thank you for bringing light and hope to the world! Photo courtesy of Olivier Adam.

In August, a record-breaking number of nuns took exams for the Geshema degree, equivalent to a doctorate in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, a level of academic achievement once only open to men. Not long ago, this increased status of nuns was almost unimaginable.

This November, hundreds of nuns are gathered in Bodh Gaya for a month of intensive training in monastic debate. The nuns delve deep into topics that concern us all – truth, ethics, problem-solving, the inner workings of the mind, and compassion. Their goal in everything is to end suffering.

The world needs the nuns’ wisdom and compassion. Modern science is only now catching up to the deep wisdom that the nuns are trying to preserve in exile.

Support Tibetan Buddhist , Sponsor a nun today

You can sponsor a Tibetan Buddhist nun for $1 a day. Photo courtesy of Olivier Adam

We need your help to keep the momentum going and to put our core programs on a solid footing. To that end, we’ve launched the Long-Term Stability Fund and also a legacy campaign.

No matter what the future of Tibet holds, you can help these dedicated and courageous women to preserve their culture and spiritual traditions.

Here’s a list of the projects we’re working on now:

  • Teachers’ Salaries: Provide teachers’ salaries at various Tibetan Buddhist nunneries in India. The annual cost of one teacher’s salary ranges from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the location of the nunnery and the skills of the teacher.
  • Housing for Geshemas: Build 16 rooms and facilities for Geshemas at Dolma Ling Nunnery so that they get the advanced studies required to become fully qualified teachers of their tradition.
  • Sponsorship: Many nuns still need sponsors. The cost is just $1 a day and you will be connected with an individual nun.
  • Long-term Stability Fund: Build a stable future for the nuns. Ever since TNP was founded in 1987, we have fundraised to meet the annual basic needs of the nuns and nunneries. This leaves the nuns and education programs very vulnerable to the economy.
  • Area of Greatest Need: To enable us to help the nuns with any urgent needs please donate to the Area of Greatest Need.

The nuns’ needs are very simple. They have two sets of robes, they eat a simple vegetarian diet, and they prepare the food themselves. They share plain unheated rooms.

Even though their needs are basic, they can’t manage without your support. Many nuns escaped from Tibet and cannot return to their homeland. They are forced to live as refugees in an exile community that is struggling to survive.

You can make the world a better place by helping the nuns.

Thank you for helping them on their path!

P.S. Please consider a gift in your will to the Tibetan Nuns Project.