Prevent Monsoon Flooding

A generous donor has fully funded this project!

When it rains at Dolma Ling Nunnery, it pours! The area around Dharamsala in northern India where the nunnery is located has one of the heaviest monsoons in India.

The nunnery was planned and constructed with careful concern for the natural environment and dedication to creating a natural peaceful garden in which the nuns can live and study. The nuns work hard to preserve the natural resources and to maintain the streams, which run through the nunnery property delighting residents and visitors alike.

However, during heavy monsoon rains and other downpours, the drainage system that runs throughout the nunnery, takes a battering and needs to be regularly repaired. In 2017, during the monsoon, the stream and drainage channels, which run past the cow barn and behind the medical clinic and guesthouse, became seriously eroded. The drainage system needs to be sealed to prevent water seeping out onto the paths and to prevent flooding.

Thanks to a generous gift from a donor, in 2018 the nuns of Dolma Ling will be able to complete this work before the start of the next rainy season to avoid further damage.

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You may download a PDF description of flood prevention project here.

Here’s a short video showing monsoon rains at the nunnery and the all-important drainage system that must be repaired before the 2018 rainy season.