Watchman’s Hut

Great news! This project has been fully funded thanks to a generous donor! We’ll report back on it as soon as possible.

The nuns at Dolma Ling need a watchman’s hut at the front entrance to help protect the nunnery from intruders during the day and at night. The cost is just $1,700.

Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute near Dharamsala, India is home to about 250 Tibetan Buddhist nuns. The nunnery has a public path running through the large campus and villagers are entitled to come through the nunnery’s main entrance gate and use the path even at night.

However, some disturbances have worried the nuns. It is very important that the nuns are safe from intruders day and night.

Tibetan Buddhist nuns at Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute

Dolma Ling is home to about 250 Tibetan Buddhist nuns. The nuns would like to build a small watchman’s hut next to the main gate for protection from intruders. Photo courtesy of Olivier Adam

Protecting the Nuns from Intruders

The road to the nunnery is much busier than it used to be and the nunnery is not as isolated. Fortunately, there is now a main gate to the nunnery and the front wall has been made more secure. The nuns prefer to keep the main gate closed to prevent cars from using the front entrance to turn around, or worse, as a parking lot.

During the day, especially when most of the nuns are in classes, prayers, or out attending His Holiness’ teachings, there needs to be someone available to manage the gate. At times the village cattle, who can be aggressive, happily invade the nunnery gardens. Roaming dogs are also quite a problem.

The nuns would like to build a small watchman’s hut next to the main gate in keeping with the nunnery style. The hut will provide a currently employed watchman with a sheltered dry place to sit to watch and manage the entrance gate. The proposal is to build a small (8ft x 6 ft) cabin with plenty of windows, a door and electricity.

Budget: $1,700

Help build a watchman’s hut to keep the nuns safe!

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