Shugsep Temple Floor

Thanks to many generous donors, this project has now been fully funded. Thank you! Here is a report on the work so far.

Shugsep Temple Floor Project

In 2017, an urgent problem with the floor of the main temple at Shugsep Nunnery and Institute was discovered. The temple is the heart of the nunnery which is home to about 90 nuns.

Shugsep Nunnery, temple floor, Tibetan Nuns Project, floor repair

One of the many holes that appeared in the temple floor at Shugsep Nunnery when wood-eating destroyed the floor and its support structure.

Due to an insect infestation, the wooden floor of the main temple and its support structure were badly eaten and needed to be entirely replaced.

Initially the nuns had hoped that they could contain the damage. A 20-square-foot area of the floor was taken up in 2017, the wooden supports removed and replaced, and the flooring put back.

However, on further inspection it became clear that the infestation had spread across the entire temple floor. The whole floor needed to be taken up and repaired. The underfloor needed to be fumigated and the new wood treated with insecticide before re-installing.

This is massive job and we are extremely grateful to all the donors who generously gave to the $35,000 campaign to restore the temple for the nuns.

In November 2018, we received photos of the repair work.

Shugsep Nunnery, temple floor, repair work on floor

A worker repairing the support structure and floor at Shugsep Nunnery and Institute. The temple is the heart of the nunnery.

Shugsep temple floor

The entire floor and it’s support structure needed to be replaced.

Shugsep temple floor,

Outside the main temple at Shugsep Nunnery. Shugsep Nunnery was re-established in India by the Tibetan Nuns Project. The original Shugsep Nunnery in Tibet was completely destroyed in the Cultural Revolution.

Shugsep temple floor repair

Tiles at the altar area of the nunnery. Shrouded behind the blue plastic are precious items.

About Shugsep Nunnery

Shugsep is a Nyingma nunnery which, in the previous century, was the home of one of the most illustrious female practitioners, Shugsep Jetsunma. After the Cultural Revolution in 1959, the Chinese authorities forced the nuns to leave Shugsep and it was completely destroyed. Although the nunnery was rebuilt in the 1980s by the nuns themselves, they faced frequent harassment.

In order to preserve their tradition, many of the nuns escaped from Tibet and established themselves in temporary accommodation in Dharamsala. The new Shugsep Nunnery was constructed by the Tibetan Nuns Project in Sudher village below the main town of Dharamsala and was graciously inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on December 7th, 2010.

The majority of the 85 nuns now studying there come from the original Shugsep Nunnery in Tibet. Here they have the opportunity to participate in a 9-year academic program of Buddhist philosophy, debate, Tibetan language, and English.

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