Sponsoring a Nun

1. How do I begin my sponsorship?

You can start today by completing the online form. Or if you prefer to mail us, please provide:

  • Your full contact information, including phone number and email address.
  • Your method of payment and select a payment option: quarterly ($90), semi-annually ($180), or once a year ($360). You can receive a reminder one month prior to payment due.
  • Personal check or money order made to: Tibetan Nuns Project; or Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmEx number with expiration date.
  • Send to: Tibetan Nuns Project
 815 Seattle Blvd South, Suite 216 Seattle, WA 98134

2.How much does it cost to sponsor a nun?

The true cost to support a nun for a year is about $1,000. We have maintained our annual sponsorship cost at $360 a year to sponsor a nun, providing her with the basic necessities to live and freely practice her religion. Your sponsorship of about $1 a day will help provide a nun with food, shelter, education, robes, and health care. We ask for an initial commitment of one year, with monthly ($30 US), quarterly ($90 US), semi-annually ($180 US), or annual payments ($360 US).

Our sponsorship program was started in 1998 at $360 per year. Over the years, the inflation and rising food and fuel prices in India means that we now need about three sponsors for each nun, equaling around $1000. For instance, in 2013 the cost of a tank of cooking gas increased 5-fold in one year and the cost of onions doubled in just one month.

3.) Do I receive a photo or biographical information on my nun?

Once your first payment is processed, you will receive a photograph and case history of your nun electronically (through e-mail). If you prefer to receive a paper copy, you can let our office in India know and they will mail one to you. It can take as long as six weeks before you receive a paper copy, as the mail system can be slow.

4.) How long do I need to sponsor a nun?

We request sponsors to commit to sponsorship for at least one year. Once a nun fully graduates from the education program, and starts serving in the community they do not need a sponsor.

5.) What if I can’t afford the yearly sponsorship amount? Can a group of friends sponsor a nun?

Yes. You can send the payments as one lump sum or as separate checks. Please indicate if each person would like a separate photo-bio and a tax-deductible receipt for their contribution amount.

6.) How many nuns do you support and where do they live?

Our sponsorship program supports over 700 nuns living in India – most live in one of seven nunneries and over 80 non-resident nuns participate in our sponsorship program. The nunneries are in the Himalayan region of northern India, in the Dharamsala area, home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and a large Tibetan community in exile. For information about these nunneries click here.

7.) Does my nun need spending money?

Each nun receives 200 rupees per month for incidental expenses. Some sponsors like to send an additional small monetary gift to their sponsored nun. Once the India office receives the funds, they will distribute them to the sponsored nun and ask that the nun write to let their sponsor know they have received the gift.

8.) Can I visit the nun I sponsor?

Yes, you may visit any of the nunneries we support. Our staff in India likes to be informed if you are planning to visit, so we can be sure to welcome you, give you a tour, and to introduce you to the nun you sponsor