Retreat Huts Finished!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the hard work of the nuns, the 8 retreat huts were completed in October 2013.

Retreats are a core part of the nuns’ Buddhist practice, allowing them to develop their own insight and knowledge in complete privacy. Each hut consists of a simple room with a bathroom and kitchen area. With your support we:

  • Furnished each modest hut with a bed, storage cupboard, table, prostration board and provisions for the bathroom and kitchen.
    1 Hut = $850  8 Huts = $6,800
  • Provided sustainable, ecologically sound light, power and warm water with one solar panel per hut. 1 Hut = $1,688  8 Huts = $13,500
  • Built the stone and cement walkways, drains and essential landscaping for the areas around the huts. $3,500

Learn more about this project by downloading this PDF Finish the Nuns’ Retreat Huts.

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Thank you!