Congratulations messages to Geshema graduates

During May 2016, as twenty nuns were taking their fourth and final round of the Geshema exams, the Tibetan Nuns Project put out a call for people around the world to share their messages of congratulations to the Geshema nuns.

Here are some of the many messages of congratulations that have been sent via mail, email, and social media.

“Thank you for studying and learning the dharma. In doing this you become a treasure for all beings.” Rebecca

messages to Geshema nuns

“Please convey my best wishes for successful completion for all participants. I am looking forward to hearing the results of this year’s examination. All their hard work, some learning to read and write, to reach this stage is amazing to me. The dedication, hard work & constant studying is impressive. I will keep all of them in my thoughts and prayers.” dgordon243

“Congratulations to all whose generosity makes learning and living possible for Tibetan nuns! Congratulation to the 20 nuns who have taken advanced exams! Congratulations to their teachers, too! We are so proud of each one you and your hard work. Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices to continue lifelong learning! With much love and encouragement,” Joy R., Northern California, USA

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“Very happy for the nuns who are finally given this opportunity. I am sure the exams will be a success and a new and happy path for them and the ones who follow. I am with you, girls! Love and support from Maria (Portugal).” MariaLuís

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Two of the many messages of congratulations to the Geshema nuns that we have received from supporters worldwide.

“One of the nuns I sponsor from Geden Choeling is sitting her final exams and my prayers are with her as always. She is so special, as are all the nuns. I know she will do well and I will be bursting with pride to call her Geshema when I see her in September.” Karen D.

“Dear soon-to-be Geshe: Wishing you many realizations based upon your superb strides and efforts. We are overjoyed at your accomplishments. May your efforts benefit all beings. With respect.” Bhikshumi nun at Sravasti Abbey

“Dear Geshema Nuns, Your whole journey from your home in Tibet, to making a new home in India, to now studying to receive an achievement formerly only open to men, makes a profound contribution to Tibetan culture, Dharma and to women everywhere. I know His Holiness will be smiling for us all when he bestows your degrees. Thank you for all your hard work! Sincerely,” Delia

message to Geshema nuns

“Thank you for upholding your beautiful culture and keeping it vibrant and alive. Yours is a truly spiritual path, which shines the light of hope and enlightenment, which the rest of our world so desperately needs. Thank you!” Rosanne M.
congratulations to the Geshemas
“Congrats on finally being able to achieve the Geshema level! All of us in the US are so proud of all of you!” Sandy L.

“From across the world, I send love to you. we’re all sisters after all. May you have a wonderful year – full of learning and growth.” Mary Ann

“I am very proud of your accomplishments and the legacy you are building for Tibet. I admire your hard work and dedication to your faith and to your country. You can be proud of yourselves. Here’s to the future!” Penny P., California

message of congratulations to Geshema nuns

“You have worked very hard. Good job! Keep learning and moving forward. We care about you from far away.” Suellen

“Congratulations on you great achievement! We need you to teach and guide those who suffer and are looking for solutions which the dharma can provide. I became a Western nun in 1986 and have been teaching westerns since 1991. More nuns are needed to teach! Thank you and good luck!” Ani Gilda P.

“Dear Tibetan Nuns, I congratulate each one of you with all my heart. You have worked very, very hard and succeeded. You are helping the whole world with your work and blazing a path for Tibetan Nuns. I wish you all success, strength, courage, support, with much love.” Sunai



6 thoughts on “Congratulations messages to Geshema graduates

  1. Onoosh Gahagan

    What an example, blessing, and gift to all of us, and to all sentient beings. Congratulations on your acievement. We are all — including a brand-new sponsor like me — uplifted by you! 😸

  2. Ogyen Gyatso

    Congratulations, you are all valuable women who uphold the Tibetan traditions and inherent religion. Keep up the great work.

  3. sharon bacon

    Dear Nun,
    I am so happy to be a sponsor and to be able to help you attain your Geshema degree. You have worked very hard and I am so proud and happy for all of you who took the exams. It is a wonderful day for the Buddha dharma to see it flourishing so well in our time of Kali Yuga!
    Thank you very much for persevering through all the difficulties.

  4. Erika Suderburg

    Thank you Dear Sisters for teaching the Dharma and undertaking such a long course of study for the benefit of all sentient beings. We love you and the path you have chosen. Thank you for devoting your lives to such a wonderful path. We congratulate all of you on your success. You are TRUE superheroines!


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