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Our long malas (prayer beads) are made from materials such as semiprecious stones, wood, imitation bone and more.

They can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist. The malas are blessed by Tibetan Buddhist nuns in India. Most of the malas have tassels. By purchasing these malas, you are also helping to support the nuns with food, shelter, education and health care – something you can feel great about every time you use your mala.

For more about malas, their uses and significance, see our blog post on how to use Tibetan malas.

Mala Sizing and Color:

Mala beads vary in size, therefore smaller beads will lead to a smaller mala. Approximate sizing is listed below. Bead colors may vary.

Bead diameter: 7 – 9 mm
Full strand length: 24 – 36 inches

Mala types and properties:

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment. It balances the energy of one’s intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies.

Bone malas are made of imitation bone that is eco-friendly and will disintegrate over time.  Traditionally made of yak or cow bone, they serve as a reminder to live in the present moment because nothing is permanent.  This recognition of death and awareness of impermanence allows us to live a fuller life through compassion, service and loving kindness.

Garnet enhances internal fire and brings about creative power. It is helpful during feelings of abandonment and brings freshness to one’s life.

Jade assists in dream analysis and grants the user a long and fruitful life. It helps with the transition from this body to the spiritual world.

Lapis provides objectivity, clarity, and mental endurance during times of realizing emotions. It also helps with creativity, organization, and with easing depression.

Malachite creates an unobstructed path leading to a desired goal and helps the user accept responsibility for actions and circumstances.

Moonstone fosters balance, introspection, and reflection. It helps deal with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual changes, and helps in recognizing “ups and downs.”

Quartz amplifies body and thought energy. It also brings the energy of the stars to the body.

Rose quartz creates harmony and self-love during chaotic situations. It is the stone of gentle love and brings peace to relationships.

Rosewood beads are made of a more sustainable wood which is dyed a darker color to represent real rosewood. Due to the environmental impact of harvesting, the rosewood bead malas are a symbolic representation of the actual wood stated.

Rudraksha beads are seeds that come from the fruit grown on the sacred Rudraksha tree. They are often worn for protection and for chanting purposes.  Each seed contains a different number of faces (“mukhi”) which embody different energies to help promote emotional stability, harmony in relationships, enhanced awareness and relief of stress.

Sandalwood at most times is made from a lighter, alternative wood that symbolically represents sandalwood. Due to its over-harvesting, India has implemented conservation measures to help protect the species.

Sandstone builds and strengthens relationships and/or groups. It provides insight into deceit and encourages truth.

Tiger eye brings about clarity when dealing with scattered intellectual fragments. This stone is practical and grounding.

Turquoise heals the spirit with soothing energy and provides peace-of-mind. It holds both spiritual and protective properties, and balances the male and female aspects of one’s character.

Wood malas we carry may not always be made of the wood listed. Due to the illegality of exporting certain woods and the environmental impact of harvesting, the wooden bead malas are a symbolic representation of the actual wood stated. The “rosewood” beads, for example, are made of a more sustainable wood which is dyed a darker color to represent real rosewood. Sandalwood (S. album), a highly valued wood in India, has been over-harvested, so India has imposed an export ban and implemented conservation measures to help protect the species.

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