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2016 Tibetan Nuns Project Calendar

September is always an exciting time of year at the Tibetan Nuns Project because it’s the month when our annual wall calendar comes from the printer.

Tibetan calendar, 2016 calendar, Tibetan Nuns Project, 2016 holidays, Tibetan lunar calendar, 2016We’ve been selling our beautiful charity calendar since 1996 to raise funds to support hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist nuns living in India. All proceeds from the sale of the 2016 calendar will help provide food, shelter, health care and education to over 700 nuns living at seven nunneries supported by the Tibetan Nuns Project.

The 2016 calendar is filled with stunning images of Tibetan life and culture. It also includes:

  • inspirational quotes
  • the Tibetan lunar calendar
  • Tibetan Buddhist ritual dates
  • phases of the moon
  • major US and Canadian holidays

Tibetan Nuns Project, 2016 Calendar, 2016 dates, 2016 holidays, Tibetan lunar calendar, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhist calendarAll the photos were taken by the nuns and staff in India. Dimension 6.5″ x 7″. Price $12.00

The calendar is available for purchase through our online store or by check from our Seattle office at:

Tibetan Nuns Project
815 Seattle Boulevard South #216
Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (206) 652-8901

Please help us sell all 2,500 calendars by purchasing them as gifts for friends, family and teachers. We would be very grateful if you could also spread the word to your networks.

These calendars give back each and every day and bring happiness to you and the nuns.