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Tibetan Nuns Project Incense – Contains a very clean, slightly sweet sandalwood and jasmine, with a hint of nutmeg. A great choice if you are new to Tibetan incense. The scent is a mixture of high-altitude plants and woods with proven healing properties. It invokes the special powers of Medicine Buddha to bring healing of body and mind.

Lotus Blossom – The intensely fresh fragrance of this incense is freshly gathered juniper leaves and berries mixed with cedarwood and sandalwood. Its invigorating scent clears and uplifts the mind.

Rhododendron Forest – The ingredients for this very special incense come from trees and herbs in the high mountains of the Solu Khumbu area. The scent is uplifting and refreshing, like a breath of fresh air from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas.

Inspiration – Lemongrass and White Sandalwood are combined with traditional Tibetan medicinal and aromatic ingredients including Dhupi, Kaulo, and Sil Timur. It comes in a sustainable lokta paper box with a small terra cotta incense burner (style varies) and list of ingredients. Includes approximately 30 sticks that measure about 5 inches long.

Made in the Khachoe Ghakyil Nunnery in Nepal in support of the Tibetan Nuns Project.


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TNP Incense, Lotus Blossom, Rhododendron Forest, Inspiration

2 reviews for Incense

  1. Grayson (verified owner)

    I got ‘Lotus Blossom’ incense. There is so much, and it burns so well. It is incredibly worth it. Creates a beautiful, very strong scent. Will burn the nose if breathed directly! Give it room to breathe; feed it air, and it will burn steadily. Love this incense; would burn it every day.

  2. Kristen Valentine (verified owner)

    Love this incense. Burns clean with a very pleasant scent. The pink seems a little sweeter to me both are sort of spicy, woodsy. Very good quality. This is my go-to daily incense.

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