Tibetan Nuns Project Wish List for 2015

The following is our Wish List for 2015,  the major projects that we’re working on to support the nuns.

truck for Shugsep NunneryA New Truck for Shugsep Nunnery

The nunnery’s old pick-up truck has broken down. It is so old that there are no longer parts readily available for it and there are major problems with the brakes.

The nuns need a new, 4-seat pick-up truck with plenty of space to transport groceries, vegetables from the market, and heavy materials. It will also be used to take nuns to hospital in case of medical emergencies.
Amount needed: US $10,700
Donate to truck fund

Kitchen extension for Dolma LingA Kitchen Extension for Dolma Ling

The existing kitchen at Dolma Ling Nunnery is no longer large enough to care for the number of nuns and staff. The number of nuns and staff to feed on a daily basis has more than tripled since the kitchen was built in 1993, when 82 nuns moved in. Now there are 240 nuns and 40 staff.

We are seeking funding to help us increase the size of the kitchen by 750 square feet. The extension (https://tnp.org/dolma-ling-kitchen-extension/) will also allow us to move the solar panels and water tanks to the flat roof of the new extension, which will help solve many problems such as leaking and maintenance.
Budget: US $27,500
Amount raised so far: US $15,000
Amount needed: US $12,500
Donate to kitchen extension fund

teaching Tibetan Buddhist nunsFunds for Teachers’ Salaries

Each year we try to fund 15 teachers at different nunneries. The cost of one teacher’s salary ranges from $1500 to $5000 per year, depending on the location of the nunnery in India and the skills of the teacher.
Amount needed: US $11,000
Amount raised so far: US$5,000
Donate to Teachers’ Salaries Fund

Dolma-Ling-nuns-paintingSupport for Maintenance and Renovations

Since the Tibetan Nuns Project was founded in 1987, we have established two important nunneries in India, Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute and Shugsep Nunnery and Institute, both of which need support for ongoing maintenance and renovations. While is natural to be more excited about building something new, we recognize that maintenance and upkeep is very important and that by keeping buildings in good condition we can help avoid costly repairs in future. Our maintenance fund will help pay for things such as painting of the nunneries which must be done every 3-5 years, roof repairs and so on.
Donate to the Maintenance Fund

Sponsor a Tibetan Buddhist nunSponsors for Individual Nuns

We need many more sponsors. If you’re already a sponsor, would you consider increasing the amount you are giving? If you are not yet a sponsor, would you consider becoming one today? The cost for sponsorship is US $30 a month. If you can’t take on this commitment by yourself, would you be willing to gather a group of friends, family, colleagues or sangha members and sponsor a nun together? Click here for sponsorship. 

Monthly donor for Tibetan Nuns ProjectMonthly Donors

Did you know that you can help the nuns year round by becoming a monthly donor at any amount you choose? Even a modest gift of $5 or $10 a month would be an enormous help and your gifts would be used for the areas of greatest need.
Become a monthly donor

Create a legacy for Buddhist nunsHelp to Create a Legacy

You can help generations of future nuns in two ways:
1. donate to our Endowment Fund
2. include a gift in your will to the Tibetan Nuns Project.

If enough of our committed supporters are able to make these very special gifts then the nuns and nunneries will be able to thrive and grow well into the future, even in the uncertain situation of living as refugees in a foreign land. To learn more please email info@tnp.org or call us at 206-652-8901.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion and dedication to the nuns!

3 thoughts on “Tibetan Nuns Project Wish List for 2015

  1. Torraine Weaver (Tori)

    Thank you for sending along your wish list. All of the projects are so very necessary and I pray that many donors will come forward to lend their hands in support. As for me, I plan to make monthly donations starting in June of this year. Thank you for your loving kindness and compassion for all sentient beings in this world. And May you all reach enlightenment in this very lifetime. With hands folded in respect, I bow to you all.

    1. Tibetan Nuns Project Post author

      Thank you for asking, Lourdes. The Tibetan Nuns Project has a Medical Fund that is used to provide healthcare and emergency medical treatment on an as-needed basis for the over 700 nuns at 7 nunneries in India that we support. The Medical Fund is now depleted because all the funds that had been set aside for healthcare have been used for a knee replacement for a nun and for some other medical problems. In addition, Dolma Ling Nunnery and Institute needs a small, multi-purpose pick-up truck to help transport food supplies and other heavy goods to the nunnery. The vehicle can also serve as an ambulance in case of a medical emergency at the nunnery. Here’s the link to the description of the nuns’ needs: https://tnp.org/?page_id=2976 If you or others would like to donate to support healthcare or the vehicle you can do so by:
      1. making a donation online at https://tnp.org/products/donate-to-tnp/
      2. calling our office in Seattle, US at 1-206-652-8901 (Monday-Friday, 8-4)
      3. mailing a check to The Tibetan Nuns Project, 815 Seattle Boulevard South #216, Seattle, WA 98134 USA with a note about your wishes. Thank you so much.


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