Update on Sakya College for Nuns

Here is a brief update on Sakya College for Nuns and slideshow from May 2021.

We are glad to inform you that everyone at the College is safe and well. The nuns and staff are carrying on with their regular routine of morning prayers, classes, debates, and self-study.

Earlier this year, it seemed as if the whirlwind of the pandemic in India had finally subsided.  Many people began to return to their normal lives. But, the nuns and staff at the College stayed on guard and observed restrictions as usual.

By observing strict precautions, the nuns were able to follow their regular curriculum. The nuns completed their courses and held their annual examinations on April 29th.

Tibetan Buddhist nuns take examinations at Sakya College for Nuns

Last year, because of the pandemic, the nuns were unable to take their summer vacation and had to remain at the College. This year, the nuns had been looking forward to their vacation which started on May 1st and the chance to see their families. However, because of the surge in COVID cases in India, the nuns must once again remain at the College.

Here’s a slideshow update from Sakya College for Nuns.

Prayer time
Enthronement ceremony of Lobpon Yeshe Tsering as 'KHENPO' of SCN
Enthronement of the new Khenpo
Felicitating Lobpon Yeshe Tsering on being enthroned as Khenpo
Paying respect to the new head of the College
Annual examinations in April
examinations at Sakya College for Nuns 2021
Class topper receiving award from Khenchen (1)
Academic award ceremony
Class topper receiving award from Khenchen (2)
Class toppers receiving award from Khenchen (3)
Listening to Khenchen Sonam Gyatso after prize distribution
After class prize distribution
One of our nun-students graduated from Chakpori Tibetan Medical Institute, tending to patients
Tending to a patient
Group photo - in front of Chaneti Buddhist stupa
Day pilgrimage to a sacred Buddhist Stupa
Engaged in meditation in front of sacred Buddhist stupa at Chaneti, Haryana
Meditating in front of the stupa
Group photo (close in) - in front of Chaneti Buddhist stupa
Offering prayers in front of sacred Buddhist stupa at Chaneti, Haryana
Offering prayers in front of the sacred Buddhist stupa
Refreshements - Chaneti Buddhist stupa, Haryana
Refreshements at the Chaneti Buddhist stupa
Medicinal herb Myrobalan - in preparation for eye-drops and massage oil
Preparing medicinal herbs
Preparing Khabse for Losar (1)
Making khapse biscuits for Tibetan New Year
Preparing Khabse for Losar (3)
Making Tibetan biscuits for New Year
Yoga classes in 2020
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Since the pandemic began, the nuns and staff have been carefully following health guidelines and taking preventative measures to keep everyone safe. The nuns have stayed within the campus throughout the year except for one day. On 19 February, the 8th day of Losar or Tibetan New Year, the nuns went on a one-day pilgrimage to the sacred Buddhist Stupa at Chaneti, Haryana, about 60 miles (97 km) away. They left at around 8 am and returned to the college at around 5 pm.

So far, no member of the College has been infected with this deadly pandemic. The college has been in regular contact with the Tibetan Welfare Office in Dikiling about vaccinations for those 18 years old and older. The welfare office says that, once the vaccines are available and ready, the nuns will be informed and called for vaccination. At the moment, even the online registration is difficult. We hope that the nuns will soon be vaccinated.

This year, Lobpon Yeshe Tsering was appointed as the Khenpo (abbot) of Sakya College for Nuns. His enthronement ceremony was held on January 5, 2021 in the blessed presence of H.E. Asanga Vajra Rinpoche.

Felicitating Lobpon Yeshe Tsering on being enthroned as Khenpo copy

A nun offers a ceremonial white khata to the new Kenpo of Sayka College of Nuns, Lobpon Yeshe Tsering.

In 2020, the nuns learned Vipassana meditation and yoga. These practices have helped the nuns cope with the challenges of remaining on campus during these difficult times. Now the nuns are physically and mentally better equipped to manage without loneliness, depression, and so on. They continue to practice Vipassana and yoga on their own.

The nuns and everyone at Sakya College for Nuns and the Tibetan Nuns Project are extremely grateful for your support and for your kindness and compassion.

Thank you!

Here’s a slideshow from Sakya College for Nuns from December 2020.

HHDL birthday 1
HHDL birthday 2
33 cooking
34 cooking
32 taking class
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7 thoughts on “Update on Sakya College for Nuns

  1. Vicki Capek

    Thank you for the update. It is wonderful to see everybody doing well, and staying safe. I think of you all every day.

    1. cathrine greene

      So good to see this update and to know that all are well there. Admiration for your coping with all the pandemic restrictions. Hope all you studies go well and that you will soon be able to have some opportunity to visit family. Hello especially to Ngawang Tseyang 6067, think of you often and all best wishes to you. Cathrine Greene

    2. Peggy Sue McRae

      Thank you so much for this update the nuns at Sakya College. I am so glad they are all staying in good health. A special hello to Dolma #6079 who I think of every day and she continues to inspire me as do all the nuns. I love seeing them doing yoga. I send my love and prayers for continued good health.

  2. Joan Stanley

    Many thanks for the update & all the beautiful photos. What good news that the nuns are able to continue with their studies & exams & that they are covid free.

  3. David Kuntz

    Thank you so much for the update. So happy to hear that everyone is well and safe. Much love and blessings to all. Special recognition to Thupten Choezom 6073. Nice to see you in the pictures. You are always remembered.

  4. Yvonne Taylor

    As always I very much appreciate any news about the nuns and their challenges and opportunities in their daily lives. I also worked with the TNP. I helped to organise the beginnings of the clinic. We lived in a small bungalow and walked up hill to the town.m

  5. LuAnne Levens

    How delightful to see these wonderful photos! Great to see them doing yoga! I could not do some of those poses. I’ve stiffened up as I approach 77. Sending love to Tashi Choedon 3401 and Pema Dolma 3447 in Shugsep. We here at my horse boarding farm, Periwinkle Farm in Spencerville, Maryland USA are all vaccinated and doing well. Sending you all love.


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