Slideshow and news from Sakya College for Nuns

Here is a special update with a slideshow and news from Sakya College for Nuns showing life at the College during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sakya College for Nuns is situated in Manduwala, about 12 miles from Dehradun and is home to 55 nuns. It is one of the seven nunneries and institutes of higher learning in India supported by the Tibetan Nuns Project through our sponsorship program.

Like many other nunneries and monasteries, Sakya College for Nuns has been strictly observing lockdown since March this year. Although the lockdown has been lifted in many parts of India, the nuns consider to observe it with great care and caution. The College’s gates remain locked 24/7.

Since the start of the new academic session in July 2020, the nuns’ regular classes are proceeding as usual. Inside the campus, everything looks so normal, just as it used to be during the pre-COVID-19 times, that is with morning prayers, classes, debates, self-study and so on.

Here’s a slideshow. Click the arrows on the side of the images. Can’t see it? Click here.

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The only thing that is missing is the monthly outing that nuns enjoy every month. Because the nuns used to visit the market only about once a month, in that sense the pandemic and the lockdown has not greatly affected the nuns at Sakya College.

Even so, as part of measures to provide emotional health care, a Vipassana meditation master and a yoga expert were invited to give workshops. The College invited Associate Professor Ramesh Chandra Negi from the Central University of Tibetan Studies and an expert in Vipassana meditation in the Theravada tradition to give a workshop for the nuns. The professor gave a 10-day course in Vipassana mediation and advised the nuns to continue the practice.

Some of the nuns claim the course has been of immense help in terms of maintaining tranquillity and peace of mind. They have continued to practice individually since the workshop. As meditation is all about dealing with the mind, the main purpose of the workshop was to help the nuns keep their minds in peace and stress-free throughout the lockdown period.

The College had previously invited Tibetan yoga trainer Tsering Yangzom and, on two different occasions, she conducted a 10-day yoga workshop. This greatly motivated the nuns in keeping their bodies in proper health and shape in order to lead healthy, happy lives.

In the special update in mid-December 2020, the College wrote, “We believe that with the introduction of yoga and Vipassana mediation we ensure that our nuns are relatively more relaxed, healthier, and stronger physically and mentally. This, apart from the daily academic activities and curriculums, always keeps their body and mind busy and active.”

The Tibetan Nuns Project is extremely grateful to those who sponsor nuns at Sakya College for Nuns and to all our supporters. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

5 thoughts on “Slideshow and news from Sakya College for Nuns

  1. Annie Umbricht

    Thank you for sharing these pictures of the beautiful and sacred Sakya college. Now I can bring these pictures to my mind’s eye when I receive news from Sakya.
    Thank you so much.
    May you stay safe and healthy, may your studies and prayers bring peace and healing to our troubled world.


  2. Marcel Serra

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.

    May all the Ven. Nuns have long lives, be healthy, have happiness, practice the Dharma well and attain full enlightenment.

  3. cathrine greene

    Thanks to all that made these pictures possible. The extra meditation and yoga seem like such a good idea. Lovely to see life at Sakya at this time. Please, all stay healthy, calm, and happy. Best wishes and love from Canada.

  4. Bethany Queen

    This was WONDERFUL! For almost 20 years I’ve wondered how “my” nun’s world looked. It’s so full of light and color! Hatha yoga! Debate! Meditation and study! The nuns look really healthy and engaged. Thank you for this gift. Your work is a blessing. May all prosper and live long in the dharma!


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