2 thoughts on “The Tara Puja

  1. Karma Ranjung Namgyal

    Prostrations to Her Holiness Geshema. Thank you for affording me oppertunity to hear your Tara puja . I was Tagster Rinpoches lackey it was a great honor to serve the Dali Lama’s oldest brother . I recieved twenty one Tara’s initiation from Jestsuma kusho some years back . Had the honor of picking up Dali lamas luggage a couple times from airport when he would visit . I’m dealing with agent orange cancer and hearing puja made my heart sing thank you

  2. Michael

    Thank you for introducing this to us. I listen to the Nuns perform the Tara puja and it brings me great peace. I will recite the mantra whenever I need Her and hope to study the practice deeper as it is extremely rare and precious to do so. Thank you Olivier Adam for the beautiful recording.


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